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Customized titanium lug bolts

Customized titanium lug bolts

Customized Titanium Wheel Lug Bolts
M14*1.25*28 Product Type:Titanium wheel bolt
Material: Titanium (GR5)Thread Size: M14*1.25/1.5
Surface Finish: Polished, Anodized, or Customized
Certification: ISO9001 Moq: 200pcs Package: Carton, Bag, or Customized

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Product Introduction: Customized Titanium Lug Bolts

In the domain of accuracy designing and superior execution auto parts, Shrewdness Titanium invests wholeheartedly in introducing our Tweaked Customized titanium lug bolts - a demonstration of our obligation to quality, development, and consumer loyalty. As an ISO 9001 affirmed maker and provider of titanium latches and tweaked CNC parts, we convey greatness with each item, guaranteeing that our clients get downright awesome.

Basic Product Details:

Our Redid Customized titanium lug bolts are carefully created to meet the requesting necessities of auto lovers and industry experts the same. These carry bolts act as basic parts in wheel gathering, giving primary respectability as well as adding to the general exhibition and style of the vehicle.

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Product Standards:

ParameterStandardMaterialTitanium AlloyThread SizeCustomizableLengthCustomizableHead TypeHexagonal or CustomizedSurface FinishPolished or CustomizedTensile StrengthCompliant with StandardsCorrosion ResistanceExcellent

Product Attributes:

Our Customized Titanium Lug Bolts are synonymous with durability, lightweight design, and exceptional corrosion resistance. Crafted from premium titanium alloy, these bolts offer superior strength-to-weight ratio, making them an ideal choice for performance-driven applications.

Product Functions:

The products provide secure wheel fastening, weight reduction, corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, custom fitment, aesthetics, enhanced performance, reliability, safety, and durability benefits for automotive applications.

Features, Advantages, and Highlights:

  • Premium Material: Crafted from high-quality titanium alloy for superior strength and durability.

  • Customization: Tailor-made to meet specific requirements, offering versatility in applications.

  • Lightweight Design: Significantly reduces unsprung weight, enhancing overall vehicle performance.

  • Corrosion Resistance: Withstands harsh environmental conditions, ensuring long-term reliability.

  • Precision Engineering: Every lug bolt is manufactured with meticulous attention to detail for consistent quality.

Application Areas:

Our products find applications in a wide range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, and motorsports. Whether it's enhancing the performance of a sports car or ensuring reliability in aerospace components, our lug bolts deliver unparalleled results.

OEM Services:

At Wisdom Titanium, we understand the importance of customization in meeting specific industry needs. Our OEM services provide clients with the flexibility to design and manufacture lug bolts according to their unique specifications, ensuring a seamless fit into their product portfolios.

Certification and Test Reports:

We invest wholeheartedly in our obligation to quality affirmation. As an ISO 9001 affirmed maker, our items go through thorough testing to satisfy and surpass industry guidelines. Each batch of Titanium Lug Bolts with M14x1.5x45mm comes with a comprehensive test report, providing our customers with the assurance of top-notch quality.

Fast Delivery and Tight Packaging:

Understanding the urgency of our clients, we offer fast and reliable delivery services, ensuring that orders reach our customers promptly. Our tight packaging ensures that the lug bolts arrive in pristine condition, ready for immediate use.

Support Testing:

Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond product delivery. We provide comprehensive support for testing, assisting our clients in validating the performance and reliability of our Customized Titanium Lug Bolts in their specific applications.

For inquiries or to place an order, please contact us at sales@wisdomtitanium.com. Choose Wisdom Titanium for unrivaled quality, precision, and excellence in customized titanium fasteners and CNC parts.


Customized Titanium Wheel Lug Bolts M14*1.25*28

Tensile Strength: 900~1050Mpa  ( 130,000 – 152,000  psi )

Size :  M14*1.25*28 or customized

Washer: taper seat

Color avaiable: PVD black, gold, rainbow, burnt

Application: A90 Supra, BMW

All Wisdom Customized Titanium Wheel Lug Bolts M14*1.25*28 are created from high end grade 5 titanium bars. This material is as strong as steel, and only half the weight. Titanium wheel lug bolts used in cars can decrease fuel consumption and better the working effectiveness of the engine better. For other style of titanium lug bolts, welcome contact us: Janet@wisdomtitanium.com

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