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Caliper Bolts

Caliper bolts are essential components in automotive braking systems, playing a crucial role in securing brake calipers to the vehicle's frame or suspension. These bolts are designed with precision to withstand the immense forces and heat generated during braking.

Typically made from high-strength steel or alloy, caliper bolts come in various sizes and thread patterns to accommodate different vehicle models and brake setups. They feature specific head types, such as hexagonal or torx, for easy installation and removal.

One of the critical functions of caliper bolts is to ensure proper alignment and positioning of the brake caliper over the brake rotor. This alignment is crucial for even brake pad wear and optimal braking performance.

Caliper bolts are subject to extreme conditions, including heat, moisture, and vibrations. Therefore, they must be durable and resistant to corrosion to maintain their integrity and functionality over time.