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Banjo Bolts

A banjo bolt serves as a pivotal fastener in assembling a banjo apparatus.

Comprising one half of a banjo fitting, these fittings are commonly employed to facilitate the flow of pressurized fluids. While prevalent in motorcycle brake systems, banjo fittings find application across a diverse array of fluid-transfer scenarios beyond the realm of motorcycles.

Typically, a banjo bolt features a hollow construction with a lateral aperture. This aperture enables fluid transfer into the complementary part of the fitting, which also maintains a hollow configuration. Positioned at the center of the fitting, the banjo bolt interfaces with a hole in it. Equipped with flat surfaces, the banjo bolt is typically sealed with a washer, often a crush washer, facilitating fluid passage around the bolt. This design obviates the need for precise alignment of holes, simplifying the installation of flexible lines and sometimes rendering it feasible in scenarios where it would otherwise prove challenging or impossible with standard threaded fittings.