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Titanium Fasteners

In recent years, titanium fasteners have seen widespread adoption across various industries. This material boasts exceptional activity, flexibility, and high plasticity, offering a remarkable blend of strength and resistance to corrosion, oxidation, heat, and cold. Additionally, it's non-magnetic, non-toxic, and lightweight, with a low coefficient of thermal expansion and resilience against embrittlement at extremely low temperatures. These qualities have made it a favored option for numerous applications.

Application of Titanium Fasteners 

Thanks to its high strength-to-weight ratio, robustness, ductility, and elevated melting point, titanium finds utility in environments subjected to elevated temperatures. Its combination of strength and lightness sets it apart, with certain titanium grades exhibiting strengths two to four times that of stainless steel. These attributes render titanium particularly well-suited for aerospace, medical, and military applications.

Furthermore, titanium fasteners demonstrate resistance to saltwater, rendering them suitable for maritime use. They also withstand various chlorine or chloride solutions, including chlorite, hypochlorite, chlorate, perchlorate, and chlorine dioxide. However, exposure to chlorine without water or in gaseous form can lead to rapid corrosion.