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Titanium Hose Clamp

Titanium Hose Clamp

Titanium hose clampTitanium grade 1Corrosion resistance.
Factory-direct: Titanium Hose Clamps, competitive pricing.
Competitive rates, Premium-quality hose clamps.

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Introducing Wisdom Titanium's Titanium Hose Clamp: Unrivaled Strength and Precision

At Wisdom Titanium, we take pride in presenting our Titanium Hose Clamp, a pinnacle of engineering excellence in the realm of fasteners and CNC parts. As an ISO 9001 confirmed maker and provider, we maintain the best expectations in quality and accuracy, guaranteeing that our items surpass assumptions.Our product is no exception, delivering unparalleled performance and durability for a diverse range of applications.

Basic Product Details:

Our Titanium Hose Clamp is carefully created from high-grade titanium, prestigious for its uncommon solidarity to-weight proportion and consumption opposition. This guarantees life span and dependability in even the most requesting conditions. The cinch is intended to safely hold hoses set up, forestalling releases and guaranteeing ideal liquid stream.

Product Standards:

MaterialTitanium Grade 1
Size RangeCustomizable
Corrosion ResistanceASTM B265
Tensile Strength950 MPa (minimum)
Temperature Range-50°C to 300°C


titanium hose clamp

Material titanium grade 1
BoltsT bolts
Size14-27   18-32  21-44 27-51  33-57  40-63  52-76  18-38  46-70  60-83  65-89  65-92  78-101  91-114   105-127   118-140   130-152    140-165   155-180  165-190
Featurecorrosion resistance, light weight

Titanium and titanium combination are an entirely steady metal, they are impervious to consumption, yet additionally impervious to high temperature and high strain, so titanium hose clasp is truly reasonable for use in the hose band of the siphon. Conversely, the consumption opposition of hardened steel in seawater is a lot of more terrible. Besides, titanium and titanium composites likewise enjoy a major benefit, is that they are extremely lightweight, over 30% lighter than treated steel, so it is more helpful to utilize.

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Product Attributes:

  • Material Excellence: Crafted from Titanium Grade 5, our titanium hose clamp for sale offers superior strength and corrosion resistance, ensuring a longer service life.

  • Precision Engineering: Each clamp undergoes rigorous CNC machining, guaranteeing precise dimensions and a perfect fit for various hose sizes.

Product Functions:

The essential capability of our titanium hose clamp is to give a safe and solid securing answer for hoses in different ventures, for example, auto, aviation, and marine. Its robust design ensures stability, preventing leaks and enhancing the efficiency of fluid systems.


  • Lightweight: Titanium's low density makes the clamp lightweight without compromising strength.

  • Corrosion Resistance: Ideal for applications where exposure to corrosive elements is a concern.

  • Temperature Resilience: Maintains integrity in extreme temperature conditions.

Advantages and Highlights:

  • Durability: Resistant to wear and tear, ensuring a prolonged service life.

  • Versatility: Customizable size range to suit various hose dimensions.

  • Weight Efficiency: Lightweight design without sacrificing strength.

Application Areas:

Our titan marine products titanium hose clamps finds applications in industries such as:

  • Automotive

  • Aerospace

  • Marine

OEM Services:

Wisdom Titanium proudly offers OEM services, allowing clients to customize hose clamps to meet specific requirements. Our team of skilled engineers ensures that each product aligns with the exact specifications provided.

Certification and Test Reports: As an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer, we provide comprehensive certification and complete test reports for our product. This transparency reflects our commitment to delivering top-tier quality products.

Fast Delivery and Tight Packaging: We figure out the significance of ideal conveyance. With a smoothed-out creation process, we guarantee quick completion times without compromising quality. Our items are carefully bundled to forestall any harm during travel.

Support and Contact:

For those seeking titanium fasteners and custom CNC parts tailored to their unique needs, Wisdom Titanium is the trusted partner. Contact us at sales@wisdomtitanium.com for personalized assistance.


  1. What is the temperature range for the titan titanium hose clamps?

    • The clip is intended to work inside a temperature scope of - 50°C to 300°C.

  2. Can I customize the size of the hose clamps for my specific application?

    • Yes, our OEM services allow for the customization of the size range to meet your unique requirements.

In conclusion, Wisdom Titanium's Titanium Hose Clamp is the epitome of strength, precision, and reliability. Choose our products for unparalleled performance in diverse industrial applications.

Wisdom titanium produce and supply all kinds of titanium hose clmap and titanium fasteners. Welcome inquiry: janet@wisdomtitanium.com

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