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titanium allen head bolt

titanium allen head bolt

Product Name: Titanium Allen Head Bolt DIN912
Product Type: Fasteners Material: Titanium (GR7) Thread Size: M3-M24 Length: 5mm-100mm
Surface Finish: Polished, Anodized, or Customized
Application: Aerospace, Marine, Medical, Military, Automotive, Sports Equipment, etc.
Certification: ISO9001Package: Carton, Bag, or Customized

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Product Introduction: Titanium Allen Head Bolt

Basic Product Details:

Welcome to Wisdom Titanium, your trusted source for high-quality titanium fasteners and customized CNC parts. In this product introduction, we focus on our Titanium Allen Head Bolt, a testament to our commitment to excellence and precision.

Product Standards:

Our product adheres to the highest industry standards. As an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer, we ensure rigorous quality control processes to meet and exceed customer expectations. We take pride in delivering products that consistently demonstrate superior performance and durability.

Basic Parameters:

MaterialTitanium Alloy
Head TypeAllen Head
Size RangeM3 to M24 (or custom)
Surface FinishPolished or Custom Finish
Tensile StrengthVaries with Grade
Corrosion ResistanceExceptional

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Titanium Allen Head Bolt DIN912

DIN912 titanium Hexagon Socket Head Cap Screws

Material : titanium GR2, GR5, GR7

Application of Titanium Allen Head Bolt DIN912:

  • Aerospace, Petrochemicals, Marine, Petroleum, Electronics

  • Medical equipment, implant

  • Racing car, motorcycle, bicycle

  • Outdoor goods

Product Attributes:

Our Titanium Allen Head Bolt stands out for its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, corrosion resistance, and longevity. The material's inherent properties make it ideal for applications demanding reliability and performance in challenging environments.

Product Functions:

Titanium Allen head screws are fundamental securing parts utilized in different applications across ventures. These bolts offer a few key capabilities that make them profoundly pursued:

1.Corrosion Opposition: Titanium is known for its extraordinary consumption obstruction, making them ideal for use in brutal conditions where openness to dampness or synthetics is a worry.

2.Lightweight: Titanium is quite possibly of the lightest material utilized in bolt fabricating, making them ideal for applications where weight decrease is basic, like aviation and car enterprises.

3.High Solidarity to-Weight Proportion: In spite of being lightweight, they show a high solidarity to-weight proportion, giving dependable and sturdy securing arrangements.

4.Temperature Opposition: They can endure outrageous temperatures, making them reasonable for applications where warm soundness is required.

5.Tasteful Allure: They are popular in industries where aesthetics are important because of their sleek and modern appearance, which gives the finished product a touch of sophistication.

6.Non-attractive Properties: Titanium is non-attractive, which is worthwhile in applications where attractive obstruction should be stayed away from.

7.Longevity: They have a long life expectancy because of their protection from mileage, bringing about cost reserve funds after some time.


  • High Strength: Titanium's exceptional strength ensures reliable fastening.

  • Corrosion Resistance: Ideal for use in corrosive environments.

  • Lightweight: Significantly lighter than traditional steel fasteners.

  • Customization: Available in various sizes and finishes to meet specific requirements.

  • Precision Engineering: Manufactured with CNC precision for consistent quality.

Advantages and Highlights:

  • Industry-Leading Quality: ISO 9001 certification guarantees the highest standards.

  • Durability: Titanium's natural resistance to corrosion enhances product lifespan.

  • Weight Savings: Ideal for applications where weight is a critical factor.

  • Customization: Tailored to meet specific size and finish requirements.

  • Precision Manufacturing: CNC machining ensures accuracy and reliability.

Application Areas:

Our Titanium Allen Head Bolt finds applications in:

  • Aerospace and Aviation

  • Automotive Engineering

  • Marine and Nautical Industries

  • General Industrial Use

OEM Services:

We offer comprehensive OEM services, collaborating with clients to design and manufacture custom titanium fasteners and CNC parts that precisely meet their specifications.

Certification and Support:

Our products come with complete test reports, ensuring compliance with industry standards. Additionally, we offer comprehensive support for OEM projects, timely delivery, and secure packaging to protect your investment during transit.


  1. What grades of titanium are available?

    We offer various titanium grades, each tailored for specific applications.

  2. Can I get custom sizes and finishes?

    Absolutely! We specialize in customization to meet your unique requirements.

  3. Do you provide test reports with your products?

    Yes, every product comes with a complete test report to ensure quality and compliance.

In conclusion, Wisdom Titanium is your reliable partner for high-performance titanium fasteners. For inquiries or to discuss your specific needs, contact us at sales@wisdomtitanium.com. Choose Wisdom Titanium for excellence in titanium solutions.

Wisdom Titanium is a titanium fasteners manufacturer in China. The company was established in 2013, the main business is titanium fasteners, titanium shaped parts, titanium standard parts, titanium workpiece processing. Provide customized drawing service, customer to the drawing we are responsible for production. Customer first, heavy integrity, trustworthy as a customer proposed service.

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