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GR7 Titanium Bolt Nut

GR7 Titanium Bolt Nut

Product Name: GR7 Titanium Bolts
Product Type: Fasteners Material: Titanium (GR7) Thread Size: M3-M24 Length: 5mm-100mm
Surface Finish: Polished, Anodized, or Customized
Application: Aerospace, Marine, Medical, Military, Automotive, Sports Equipment, etc.
Certification: ISO9001Package: Carton, Bag, or Customized

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Introducing the GR7 Titanium Bolt Nut: Precision Engineering for Unmatched Performance

GR7 Titanium Bolt Nut, made from aerospace-grade titanium composite, represents the pinnacle of securing technology, offering unmatched strength and durability. Unlike steel fasteners, titanium bolts and nuts exhibit outstanding resistance to rust and erosion, ensuring reliability in harsh conditions. Their lightweight nature offers significant weight savings without compromising strength or performance, ideal for automotive, aerospace, and athletic equipment. Precision engineering ensures tight tolerances and optimal fitment, enhancing functionality and performance. Additionally, titanium bolts and nuts contribute to environmental sustainability due to their recyclability and low environmental impact, aligning with manufacturers' sustainability goals.

Basic Parameters:




GR7 Titanium     Alloy


ASTM B348, ISO     5832-2

Size Range

M3 to M30 or     Customized


4.51 g/cm³

Corrosion     Resistance




Product Attributes:

GR7 Titanium Bolt Nut, famous for its remarkable solidarity to-weight proportion and consumption opposition, offers unparalleled sturdiness and dependability across different enterprises. With its lightweight plan, temperature obstruction, biocompatibility, and accuracy designing, titanium bolts and nuts give better performance and unwavering quality looked at than customary getting arrangements.

Advantages and Highlights:

Advantages and Highlights: GR7 Titanium Bolt Nut offers exceptional strength, durability, and corrosion resistance, making it ideal for critical applications across various industries. With its lightweight design, temperature resistance, biocompatibility, and precision engineering, titanium bolts and nuts provide superior performance and reliability compared to traditional materials like steel.


Q: What are titanium nuts and bolts?

A: Titanium nuts and bolts are lightweight getting parts known for their high solidarity to-weight proportion, ideal for different enterprises requiring prevalent performance.

Q: What are the advantages of utilizing titanium nuts and bolts over traditional steel fasteners?

A: Titanium nuts and bolts offer higher solidarity to-weight proportion, prevalent erosion obstruction, and biocompatibility contrasted with steel fasteners, making them reasonable for aviation, car, and clinical applications.

Q: Are titanium nuts and bolts costly?

Some time at first costlier, titanium nuts and bolts give long haul cost reserve funds because of their sturdiness and decreased upkeep necessities, particularly in businesses like aviation and car.

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