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titanium hex flange nut

titanium hex flange nut

DIN 6923 Titanium Hex Flange Nut
Product Type:Titanium Nuts Material: Titanium (GR2,GR5. GR7) Thread Size: M3-M24 Length: 5mm-100mm Surface Finish: Polished, Anodized, or Customized
Application: Aerospace, Marine, Medical, Military, Automotive, Sports Equipment, etc.
Certification: ISO9001 Moq: 200pcs Package: Carton, Bag, or Customized

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Product Introduction: Titanium Hex Flange Nut

Basic Product Details:

Introducing our Titanium Hex Flange Nut, a precision-engineered fastening solution that exemplifies strength, durability, and versatility. As a leading ISO 9001 certified manufacturer and supplier of titanium fasteners and customized CNC parts, Wisdom Titanium proudly presents this high-performance hex flange nut for professional buyers and global dealers seeking top-tier fastening solutions.

Product Standards:

Our product complies with international standards, ensuring quality and reliability. Crafted with precision, the nut adheres to the stringent specifications required for demanding applications. The product standards are outlined in the table below:

MaterialTitanium Grade 5
StandardASTM B348, DIN 6923
Size RangeM3 to M24
Surface FinishPolished or Anodized
Tensile Strength950 MPa
Corrosion ResistanceExcellent

Titanium hex flange nut is a high-quality, durable fastener that is commonly used in a variety of industries. It features a six-sided flange design, which provides additional stability and helps to prevent the nut from loosening over time. This nut is made from high-grade titanium, which offers exceptional strength, corrosion resistance, and a lightweight design.

One of the key benefits of this product is its ability to resist corrosion and rust. This makes it an ideal choice for applications that require durability in harsh environments, such as marine and aerospace applications. Its lightweight design also makes it an excellent choice for applications where weight is a concern, such as in the automotive and racing industries.

The hex flange design of this nut also makes it easy to install and remove using a standard wrench or socket. This design provides excellent grip and allows for tight, secure fastening. Additionally, the DIN6923 specification ensures that this nut meets strict quality standards, ensuring that it is a reliable and effective fastener.

Titanium hex flange nut is a highly versatile and reliable fastener that offers exceptional strength, corrosion resistance, and ease of use. Whether you are working in the aerospace, automotive, or marine industries, or simply need a high-quality fastener for your home or DIY project, this nut is an excellent choice.

Product Attributes:

The product boasts attributes that set it apart in the fastener market. Its hexagonal shape with an integrated flange enhances gripping, offering stability in high-stress applications. Crafted from Grade 5 titanium, it ensures corrosion resistance, making it ideal for challenging environments.

Product Functions:

Designed for secure fastening, the hex flange nut excels in applications where vibration and shock resistance are paramount. The integrated flange distributes load evenly, preventing loosening over time. Its compatibility with various surfaces makes it suitable for diverse industrial settings.

Features, Advantages, and Highlights:

  • Material Excellence: Manufactured from Grade 5 titanium, combining strength with lightness.

  • Corrosion Resistance: Ideal for use in corrosive environments, ensuring long-term reliability.

  • Enhanced Stability: Hexagonal shape and integrated flange prevent loosening in high-stress scenarios.

  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for diverse industries, from aerospace to automotive.

Application Areas:

The product finds application in industries where precision and reliability are non-negotiable. Key sectors include aerospace, automotive, marine, and industrial machinery.

OEM Services:

Wisdom Titanium extends comprehensive OEM services, tailoring products to meet specific client requirements. Our experienced team collaborates closely with clients to deliver customized solutions, ensuring the perfect fit for unique applications.

Certification and Support:

As an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer, Wisdom Titanium guarantees quality and adherence to international standards. Comprehensive test reports accompany each product, offering transparency and assurance to our customers. We support testing and provide the necessary certifications for regulatory compliance.

Fast Delivery and Packaging:

As a titanium hex flange nuts , our commitment to customer satisfaction extends to prompt deliveries and secure packaging. With a streamlined supply chain, we ensure timely dispatch of orders. Tight packaging safeguards products during transit, minimizing the risk of damage.

<p    For inquiries and orders, please contact us at sales@wisdomtitanium.com.


  1. What is the material of the Hex Flange Nut?

    • The nut is crafted from Grade 5 titanium, known for its strength and corrosion resistance.

  2. What industries can benefit from this product?

    • Aerospace, automotive, marine, and industrial machinery are key sectors where our Hex Flange Nut excels.

  3. Do you offer OEM services?

    • Yes, Wisdom Titanium provides comprehensive OEM services, tailoring products to meet specific client requirements.

In conclusion, Wisdom Titanium's product is a testament to our commitment to excellence, offering a reliable and durable solution for critical fastening applications.

Except standard DIN 6923 Titanium Hex Flange Nut, Wisdom also produce all kinds of titanium hex flange nylock nuts, metal lock nuts, custome design titanium hex flange nuts etc. Welcome inquiry!


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