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titanium machined parts

titanium machined parts

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Introduction to Titanium Machined Parts

In the domain of accuracy designing and high level assembling, titanium machined parts have become inseparable from sturdiness, strength, and adaptability. These parts, carefully created from top notch titanium composites, assume a urgent part in different enterprises, attributable to their outstanding mechanical properties and protection from consumption.

Basic Details of the Product:

Titanium machined parts are precision-engineered components produced through advanced CNC machining processes. These parts are made from titanium amalgams, prestigious for their low thickness, high strength, and great consumption obstruction. 

Product Standards:

Our titanium parts adhere to stringent industry standards, with a focus on quality and performance.As an ISO 9001 affirmed producer and provider, we ensure that our items satisfy the most elevated guidelines of accuracy and dependability.

Basic Parameters:

MaterialTitanium grade 5  grade 2
Density4.51 g/cm³ (depending on alloy)
Tensile StrengthAbove 950MPa
Yield Strength880MPa
Corrosion ResistanceExcellent

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Product Attributes:

  • Durability: Titanium machined parts exhibit exceptional durability, ensuring longevity even in challenging environments.

  • Precision: Crafted with advanced CNC machining, these components boast tight tolerances and intricate designs.

  • Corrosion Resistance: Titanium's innate corrosion resistance makes these parts suitable for applications in corrosive environments.

  • High Strength-to-Weight Ratio: The low density of titanium coupled with its high strength makes these parts lightweight yet robust.

Product Functions:Titanium parts serve a myriad of functions across industries, including aerospace, medical, automotive, and marine applications.


  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of applications due to titanium's unique combination of properties.

  • Customizability: Tailored to meet specific design and performance requirements.

  • Heat Resistance: Capable of withstanding high temperatures without compromising structural integrity.

Advantages and Highlights:

  • Premium Quality: Our commitment to ISO 9001 standards ensures top-notch quality in every component.

  • Customization: We provide a range of standard and customized options to meet diverse project needs.

  • Fast Delivery: Swift turnaround times to keep your projects on schedule.

  • Tight Packaging: Ensuring that your components arrive in pristine condition.

Application Areas:

  • Aerospace: Critical aircraft components requiring high strength and low weight.

  • Medical: Implants and surgical instruments benefit from titanium's biocompatibility.

  • Automotive: Engine components and lightweight structural elements.

  • Marine: Corrosion-resistant parts for marine environments.

OEM Service, FAQ:Our OEM service caters to clients with specific requirements, offering tailored solutions for their projects. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) cover aspects such as material specifications, customization options, and order processing, providing comprehensive information for potential buyers.

Certification and Support:We are an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer and provide complete test reports to guarantee the quality of our. Our commitment to supporting OEM needs, ensuring fast delivery, and providing meticulous packaging sets us apart in the market.

For inquiries regarding titanium fasteners and titanium machined parts, please contact us at sales@wisdomtitanium.com.

In conclusion, titanium  parts represent the pinnacle of precision engineering, offering a combination of strength, durability, and versatility. As a trusted manufacturer, we are dedicated to delivering top-quality components that meet the diverse needs of our clients across the globe.

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