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Rear Derailleur Titanium Bolt Screw

Rear Derailleur Titanium Bolt Screw

Head: DIN 7991 flat head, M5*14.2, torx drive, hot forged, titanium grade 5
Size: M5*14.2
Head: DIN 7991 flat head
Weight: 1.13g
Material: titanium grade 5(ti6al4v)
Tensile Strength: 900~1050Mpa (130,000 – 152,000 psi)--High strength!

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Size: M5*14.2

Head: DIN 7991 flat head

Weight: 1.13g

Material: titanium grade 5(ti6al4v)

Tensile Strength: 900~1050Mpa (130,000 – 152,000 psi)--High strength!

45% lighter than your current steel one!

Supply high grade PVD color—black, gold, rainbow, blue, purple to make your bike more beautiful and charming!

Rear Derailleur Titanium Bolt Screw: Precision in Performance

1. Basic Product Details: Introducing the Rear Derailleur Titanium Bolt Screw by Wisdom Titanium – a pinnacle of precision engineering designed to elevate your cycling experience. Crafted with perfection, these bolts exemplify strength, durability, and a commitment to enhancing your bike's performance.

2. Product Standards: Our Rear Derailleur Titanium Bolt Screws adhere to the highest industry standards, surpassing DIN, ANSI, and ISO specifications. Precision manufacturing ensures that each bolt contributes to the seamless operation of your rear derailleur, providing cyclists with reliability and longevity.

3. Product Parameters:






Titanium Grade 5

Coating Options

Natural, Anodized, Custom Colors

Head Type

Flat head

Length Options

14.2mm or Customizable



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4. Product Attributes:

· Titanium Grade 5 Construction: Utilizing the superior strength and corrosion resistance of Ti-6Al-4V alloy.

· Precision Threads: Ensuring a secure fit for the rear derailleur, contributing to smooth gear shifting.

· Customization Options: Tailoring bolt size, coating, and length to match your specific bike model and preferences.

· Ultra-lightweight Design: Reducing overall bike weight without compromising structural integrity.

5. Product Functions: The Rear Derailleur Titanium Bolt Screw plays a crucial role in securing the rear derailleur to the frame, contributing to accurate and reliable gear shifting. Precision engineering ensures optimal performance, enhancing the overall efficiency of your bike's drivetrain.

6. Features:

· Enhanced Durability: Titanium Grade 5 construction provides exceptional strength and corrosion resistance.

· Smooth Gear Shifting: Precision threads contribute to seamless and accurate gear changes.

· Custom Aesthetics: Choose from natural, anodized, or custom-colored coatings to match your bike's visual theme.

· Easy Installation: Designed for hassle-free installation, contributing to overall maintenance convenience.

7. Advantages and Highlights:

· Precision Engineering: Each bolt is crafted with meticulous attention to detail for optimal functionality.

· Weight Optimization: Ultra-lightweight design contributes to improved bike handling and performance.

· Customization Possibilities: Tailor the bolts to suit your bike's aesthetics and your personal preferences.

· Longevity: Titanium Grade 5 ensures long-term durability even in challenging riding conditions.

8. Application Areas: The Rear Derailleur Titanium Bolt Screw is ideal for cyclists who prioritize precision in gear shifting, durability, and a lightweight design. Suitable for both professional riders and cycling enthusiasts seeking an upgrade for their bike components.

9. OEM Services: Wisdom Titanium proudly offers OEM services, providing customized solutions to meet the specific demands of bicycle manufacturers. Our commitment to excellence ensures seamless integration into your production processes.

10. FAQs: Q1: Can I use these bolts with any rear derailleur model? A1: Yes, our Rear Derailleur Titanium Bolt Screws are designed to be compatible with a wide range of rear derailleur models. Customization options are available to ensure a perfect fit.

Q2: Are the bolts resistant to corrosion in different weather conditions? A2: Absolutely, the Titanium Grade 5 construction provides excellent corrosion resistance, making these bolts suitable for various riding conditions.

Q3: Can I order bolts in custom colors to match my bike's design? A3: Yes, we offer customization options, including a range of coatings and colors. Contact us at sales@wisdomtitanium.com for more information.

11. Wisdom Titanium Assurance: Wisdom Titanium stands as a symbol of unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Our Rear Derailleur Titanium Bolt Screws come with various standard and customized certifications, complete test reports, and support OEM requirements.

In conclusion, the Rear Derailleur Titanium Bolt Screws from Wisdom Titanium are not just components; they are a testament to the pursuit of excellence in cycling performance. Upgrade your bike with precision and strength.

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