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Titanium Seat Post Clamp 34.9mm/31.6mm

Titanium Seat Post Clamp 34.9mm/31.6mm

Material: titanium grade 5
Size: 34.9mm/31.6mm

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Titanium Seat Post Clamp 34.9mm/31.6mm: Redefining Lightweight and Strength

1. Basic Product Details (345 words):

Introducing the Titanium Seat Post Clamp 34.9mm/31.6mm – a masterpiece of engineering that combines lightweight design with uncompromising strength. Crafted for discerning riders seeking the perfect balance between durability and minimalism, our seat post clamp sets a new standard in the world of cycling components.

2. Product Standards:

Our seat post clamp adheres to the highest industry standards, surpassing expectations for quality, reliability, and performance. Designed for both 34.9mm and 31.6mm seat tubes, it offers versatility for a wide range of bicycles.

3. Basic Parameters:




Grade 5 Titanium Alloy

Diameter Options

34.9mm, 31.6mm


25 grams (34.9mm), 23 grams (31.6mm)

Clamp Type


Torque Specifications

5 Nm

4. Product Attributes:

· Grade 5 Titanium Alloy: Renowned for its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, our seat post clamp ensures robustness without adding unnecessary weight to your bike.

5. Product Functions:

The Titanium Seat Post Clamp excels in securing your seat post, preventing unwanted slippage during intense rides. The bolted clamp design guarantees a snug and secure fit, enhancing overall riding stability.

6. Features, Advantages, and Highlights:

Lightweight Design: Weighing in at just 25 grams for the 34.9mm variant and 23 grams for the 31.6mm variant, this seat post clamp adds minimal weight to your bike, ideal for riders prioritizing agility.

Secure Bolted Clamp: The bolted clamp mechanism provides a secure grip on the seat post, minimizing the risk of movement or slippage during rides.

Versatile Compatibility: Designed to accommodate both 34.9mm and 31.6mm seat tubes, offering compatibility with a variety of bike frames.

7. Application Areas:

The Titanium Seat Post Clamp is suitable for a broad spectrum of cycling disciplines, including road biking, mountain biking, and cyclocross. Its versatility makes it an excellent choice for riders across various disciplines.

8. OEM Services:

Explore our OEM services for customized branding, finishes, and specifications. For bulk orders and tailored solutions, contact us at sales@wisdomtitanium.com.

9. FAQs:

Q: Can I use this seat post clamp on carbon fiber seat posts? A: Absolutely. The Titanium Seat Post Clamp is designed to be compatible with various seat post materials, including carbon fiber.

Q: What torque is recommended for tightening the clamp? A: The recommended torque specification is 5 Nm for a secure and safe fit.

10. Wisdom Titanium:

Wisdom Titanium is your trusted partner for premium titanium components. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our comprehensive support, providing standard and customized room certifications, complete test reports, and unparalleled OEM services.

For inquiries, orders, and to experience the lightweight strength of the Titanium Seat Post Clamp, contact us at sales@wisdomtitanium.com. Elevate your cycling experience with Wisdom Titanium components.

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