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Ti6al4v titanium Saddle Frame 7mm

Ti6al4v titanium Saddle Frame 7mm

Material: titanium grade 5
Size: diameter 7mm
Weight: 79.5g

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Titanium saddle frame

Material: titanium grade 5

Size: diameter 7mm

Weight: 79.5g

Tensile Strength: 900~1050Mpa (130,000 – 152,000 psi)--High strength!

45% lighter than your current steel one!

Ti6Al4V Titanium Saddle Frame 7mm: Precision and Performance Unleashed

1. Basic Product Details (324 words):

Introducing our Ti6Al4V Titanium Saddle Frame 7mm – a true marvel in cycling innovation. Engineered with precision and crafted from aerospace-grade titanium alloy (Ti6Al4V), this saddle frame redefines lightweight durability for cyclists seeking unparalleled performance. The 7mm thickness strikes the perfect balance between strength and weight, offering a ride that's both sturdy and swift.

2. Product Standards:

This saddle frame adheres to the highest standards of quality and precision. Below are the key parameters:




Ti6Al4V Titanium Alloy







Ti6al4v titanium Saddle Frame 7mm.png

3. Product Attributes:

· Lightweight Construction: Achieves the ideal balance between strength and weight.

· Rigidity: 7mm thickness ensures robustness and stability.

· Sleek Design: Streamlined appearance enhances the overall aesthetics of the bike.

· Versatility: Suitable for various cycling disciplines.

4. Product Functions:

The Ti6Al4V Titanium Saddle Frame 7mm serves as a crucial component in ensuring a comfortable and efficient riding experience. It provides essential support and stability while minimizing weight.

5. Features:

· Ti6Al4V Titanium Alloy: Renowned for its high strength, corrosion resistance, and durability.

· Precision Engineering: Every frame is meticulously crafted for optimal performance.

· Easy Installation: Compatible with standard saddle mounts.

6. Advantages and Highlights:

· Optimal Strength-to-Weight Ratio: Titanium alloy construction maximizes strength without compromising weight.

· Enhanced Riding Experience: Reduces vibrations for a smoother ride.

· Durable Finish: Titanium's corrosion resistance ensures longevity.

7. Application Areas:

Designed for avid cyclists, whether navigating city streets, tackling mountain trails, or competing in road races, the Ti6Al4V Titanium Saddle Frame 7mm excels in various cycling environments.

8. OEM Services:

We offer comprehensive OEM services, allowing you to customize branding, sizes, and finishes to meet your unique market requirements.

9. FAQs:

Q: Is the 7mm thickness suitable for all riders? A: Yes, the 7mm thickness strikes a universal balance suitable for a wide range of cyclists.

Q: Can I install this saddle frame on any bike? A: Yes, the frame is designed to be compatible with standard saddle mounts.

Q: Is the titanium alloy prone to rusting? A: No, titanium's corrosion resistance ensures long-term durability.

10. Wisdom Titanium:

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of titanium components, Wisdom Titanium guarantees not only top-tier products but also various certifications, comprehensive test reports, efficient OEM services, and unwavering support for testing and precision bearings. Contact us at sales@wisdomtitanium.com to elevate your cycling experience with Wisdom Titanium!

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