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titanium lock nuts

titanium lock nuts

Material: titanium grade 5
Size: m10*1/1.25/1.5

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Enhance Security and Performance with Wisdom Titanium's Titanium Lock Nuts

Wisdom Titanium introduces a new standard in fastening solutions with our Titanium Lock Nuts. These innovative nuts are meticulously crafted from high-grade titanium, providing superior strength, durability, and corrosion resistance. Elevate your projects and applications with a fastening solution that surpasses industry standards and exemplifies excellence.

Basic Product Details: Our Titanium Lock Nuts are precision-engineered components designed to securely fasten bolts in place, preventing unwanted loosening and ensuring the integrity of your assemblies. The use of high-quality titanium sets our lock nuts apart, making them a reliable choice for various industries.

Product Standards: We take pride in adhering to the highest product standards in the industry. Wisdom Titanium's commitment to quality ensures that our Titanium Lock Nuts meet or exceed rigorous benchmarks for strength, durability, and reliability.

Basic Parameters:




High-Grade Titanium GR5

Sizes Available


Thread Types

Metric or inch size


Secure Fastening

OEM Services


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Product Attributes:

· High-Grade Titanium Construction: Unrivaled strength and durability.

· Various Sizes Available: Customizable to fit diverse applications.

· Corrosion Resistance: Ideal for use in challenging environments.

Product Functions: The primary function of Wisdom Titanium's Titanium Lock Nuts is to provide a secure and reliable fastening solution. They effectively prevent the loosening of bolts, ensuring the longevity and stability of your assemblies.


· Superior Titanium Construction: Unmatched strength and durability.

· Custom Sizing Options: Tailor-made for diverse applications.

· Corrosion-Resistant: Suitable for use in various environmental conditions.

· Secure Fastening: Reliable prevention of bolt loosening.

Advantages and Highlights:

· Exceptional Strength: High-grade titanium for superior load-bearing capacity.

· Durability: Long-lasting performance for extended use.

· Corrosion Resistance: Ideal for applications in challenging environments.

· Secure Fastening: Reliably prevents loosening for enhanced safety.

Application Areas:

· Aerospace and Aviation

· Automotive

· Construction

· Marine

· Precision Engineering

OEM Services: Wisdom Titanium offers comprehensive OEM services for our Titanium Lock Nuts. Whether you require specific quantities, custom sizes, or other specifications, our team is equipped to meet your needs. For OEM inquiries, contact us at sales@wisdomtitanium.com.



Can I get Titanium Lock Nuts in custom sizes for my specific application?


· Yes, Wisdom Titanium provides custom sizing options to meet the unique requirements of your projects.


Are test reports available for the Titanium Lock Nuts?


· Absolutely, we provide complete test reports to guarantee the quality and performance of our products.

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Properties and Details of the Material: Our Titanium Lock Nuts are crafted from high-grade titanium, a material known for its exceptional strength, lightweight properties, and corrosion resistance. This ensures optimal performance and longevity in various applications.

Highlighted Detail: Wisdom Titanium Wisdom Titanium is a leading manufacturer and supplier of titanium fasteners. We offer various standard and customized titanium lock nuts, metal lock nuts, nylock nuts etc. For more information, contact us at  sales@wisdomtitanium.com.

Elevate your projects with Wisdom Titanium's Titanium Lock Nuts – Setting New Standards in Fastening Solutions. Smart Titanium – Unleashing Excellence in Every Fastener.


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