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Titanium Motorcycle Footpeg

Titanium Motorcycle Footpeg

Titanium motorcycle footpeg
titanium grade 5

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Why use titanium motorcycle footpeg?

  • lightweight. titanium density only 4.51
  • incerdibly strong, use aerospace grade titanium GR5
  • corrosion resistant
  • TIG welded 

Application of titanium motorcycle footpeg?

  • off-road motorcycle
  • racing motorcycle 
  • motorcycle racing team

Wisdom titanium produce mtorcycle footpeg according to customer's design or drawing, supply custom logo carve service. From the bracket to the cross section to the outer platform all is TIG welded, gives a super look and exceptional grip. 


Except titanium motorcycle footpeg, Wisdom titanium produce all kinds of titanium fastener for motorcycle. Those titanium bolts nuts as strong as steel and a little heavier than aluminum—a long-term piece with an excellent life span. Ti has a higher fatigue strength than steel, so it is an idea material for motorcycle aftermarket. Welcome send inquiry: sales@wisdomtitanium.com


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