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steering wheel bolts

steering wheel bolts

Material : titanium Gr5 (Ti-6Al-4V)
Tensile Strength: 900~1050Mpa  ( 130,000 – 152,000  psi )
Technical: hot forged head with rolled threads

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Titanium Steering Wheel Bolts Flat Head

Material : titanium Gr5 (Ti-6Al-4V) 

Tensile Strength: 900~1050Mpa  ( 130,000 – 152,000  psi )

Technical: hot forged head with rolled threads 

Finish  : Polished Finish 

Stud/Bolt Pattern/Size : M5*12mm

Weight : 1.12 grammes per Stud/Bolt

Color avaiable: PVD black, gold, rainbow, blue, purple

Application: fit to most steering wheel hub

Allen key and torx key both produced

Smart Titanium Steering Wheel Bolts: Precision in Every Turn

Experience the epitome of precision and durability with Wisdom Titanium's Steering Wheel Bolts. Designed for automotive enthusiasts and professionals alike, our steering wheel bolts stand out for their unmatched quality, innovative features, and the distinctive advantages they bring to the table.

Basic Product Details: Wisdom Titanium's Steering Wheel Bolts are meticulously engineered components designed to secure the steering wheel to the steering column. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, these bolts offer a reliable and robust solution for steering wheel attachment.

Product Standards: Our Steering Wheel Bolts adhere to the highest industry standards, ensuring compliance with safety regulations and performance benchmarks. They are designed to meet the stringent requirements of automotive applications, providing a secure and dependable connection between the steering wheel and the steering column.

Basic Parameters:



Thread Size



Smart Titanium gr5


PVD Coating or anodized


Automotive Steering

OEM Services


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Product Attributes:

· Smart Titanium Construction: Lightweight, strong, and corrosion-resistant.

· Precision Threads: Ensures a secure and stable connection.

· Innovative Design: Streamlined for easy installation.

Product Functions: Steering Wheel Bolts play a crucial role in securing the steering wheel to the steering column. Our bolts are designed to withstand the dynamic forces and vibrations associated with steering, providing a reliable and safe driving experience.


· Smart Titanium Alloy: Unparalleled strength with reduced weight.

· Corrosion-Resistant: Ideal for automotive applications, ensuring longevity.

· Precision Engineering: Threads designed for accuracy and stability.

· Easy Installation: Streamlined design for convenient fitting.

Advantages and Highlights:

· Enhanced Durability: Smart Titanium ensures a longer lifespan.

· Weight Reduction: Lightweight design contributes to improved performance.

· Corrosion Resistance: Ideal for automotive applications exposed to varied conditions.

· Precision Performance: Engineered for accuracy and reliability.

Application Areas:

· Automotive Manufacturing

· Aftermarket Upgrades

· Racing and Performance Vehicles

· Custom Steering Wheel Installations

OEM Services: Wisdom Titanium takes pride in offering OEM services for Steering Wheel Bolts. We understand the importance of customization and precision in the automotive industry. For OEM inquiries or specific requirements, contact us at sales@wisdomtitanium.com.


Are these bolts compatible with aftermarket steering wheels?

· Yes, our Steering Wheel Bolts are designed to accommodate a wide range of steering wheel configurations, including aftermarket options.

Can I get customized Steering Wheel Bolts for unique applications?

· Certainly, we offer OEM services to meet specific requirements and applications.

Properties and Details of the Material: Our Steering Wheel Bolts are crafted from Smart Titanium, a high-grade titanium alloy known for its exceptional strength, corrosion resistance, and lightweight properties.

Highlighted Detail: Wisdom Titanium Wisdom Titanium is a professional manufacturer and supplier of titanium fasteners. We provide various standard and customized titanium bolts nuts for tuning car and speed car. For other titanium car parts, contact us at sales@wisdomtitanium.com.

Choose Wisdom Titanium's Steering Wheel Bolts for a driving experience where precision meets innovation. Smart Titanium – Steering the Future of Automotive Excellence.

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