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Titanium Lisence Bolts

Titanium Lisence Bolts

PVD rainbow color, M6*15/20/30, titanium grade 5
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Titanium License Bolts: Elevating Aesthetics and Durability in Vehicle Registration

Introducing the Titanium License Bolts by Wisdom Titanium, a premium solution to enhance the visual appeal and durability of license plate installation. These bolts are meticulously crafted from smart titanium, offering not just a functional fastening solution but an aesthetic upgrade for discerning vehicle owners.

Basic Product Details: The Titanium License Bolts are small yet impactful components designed to secure license plates with precision. Crafted from smart titanium, these bolts provide an unmatched combination of strength, corrosion resistance, and a sleek appearance. With a focus on both form and function, these bolts redefine license plate fastening.

Product Standards: Our Titanium License Bolts adhere to stringent industry standards, ensuring reliability and compliance. Key standards include:

· ISO 7380: Button head screws with hexagon socket

· ASTM B348: Grade 5 Titanium

Basic Parameters:





Thread Size



Grade 5 Titanium

Drive Style

Hexagon Socket




License Plate Bolts

OEM Services


Product Attributes:

· Sleek Design: Button head and hexagon socket for a clean and modern look.

· Corrosion Resistance: Grade 5 Titanium ensures durability in various weather conditions.

· Easy Installation: Designed for hassle-free and secure installation of license plates.

· Enhanced Aesthetics: Elevates the visual appeal of the license plate area.

Product Functions: The Titanium License Bolts serve a dual purpose of functionality and aesthetics. Beyond their primary function of securing license plates, they contribute to the overall aesthetics of the vehicle by providing a sleek and polished appearance.


· Grade 5 Titanium: Offers a balance of strength and corrosion resistance.

· Button Head Design: Enhances the visual appeal of license plate fastening.

· Hexagon Socket Drive: Allows for easy and secure installation.

· Polished Finish: Adds a touch of sophistication to the license plate area.

Advantages and Highlights:

· Durable Construction: Grade 5 Titanium ensures long-lasting performance.

· Visual Upgrade: Elevates the appearance of license plate installation.

· Weather Resistance: Suitable for use in various environmental conditions.

· Easy Installation: Hexagon socket drive allows for a straightforward installation process.

Application Areas:

· Personal Vehicles

· Commercial Fleets

· Motorcycles

· Recreational Vehicles

OEM Services: Wisdom Titanium takes pride in offering OEM services for the Titanium License Bolts. Our commitment to precision, quality, and customization allows us to cater to the specific needs of our customers. For all OEM inquiries or customization requirements, please contact us at sales@wisdomtitanium.com.



Can these bolts be used for both front and rear license plates?


· Yes, the Titanium License Bolts are versatile and suitable for securing both front and rear license plates.


What is the recommended torque for installation?


· We recommend following the vehicle manufacturer's specifications for torque values during installation.

Properties and Details of the Material: The Titanium License Bolts are crafted from Grade 2 Titanium, renowned for its corrosion resistance, lightweight nature, and impressive strength. This material ensures that the bolts meet the highest standards of performance and aesthetics.

Highlighted Detail: Wisdom Titanium Wisdom Titanium stands as a professional manufacturer and supplier of titanium fasteners. With a focus on smart titanium, we offer various standard and customized titanium bolts nuts for automobile, motorcycle, bicycler. For titanium parts, contact us at  sales@wisdomtitanium.com.

Choose Wisdom Titanium for Titanium License Bolts that marry functionality with sophistication, providing a durable and stylish solution for license plate fastening.


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