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Why Use Titanium Guitar Accessories?
2024-02-04 15:34:15


There are quite a few aspects that affect the sound of the guitar, and one of the most intriguing details is the guitar string nails! Because the string nail material can change the sound can be said to be immediate, and easy to replace, and even if you like, high and low with different string nails can be matched! 

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Metal studs can help extend the high frequency of the guitar sound, making the sound feel brighter and more spacious. The difference in tone between metal nails and general bone, or fossil nails is in the sharpness of a sound: there will be a fine grain, such as metallic luster treble characteristics, and the overall guitar tone has become a little cooler! The difference between the brass material and titanium alloy is that the brass tone is slightly full; The titanium alloy medium frequency is less, the high frequency part is better extended, and the overall timbre is also clearer.

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