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Why titanium bolt price much higher than steel?
2024-02-04 15:34:15

1. First reason for titanium bolt price higher than steel is titanium material price higher than steel

2. Another point for titanium bolt price is titanium alloy processing is difficult

  • Gas impurities (oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen, etc.) have a great influence on the machinability of titanium alloy, because titanium has high chemical activity, and it is easy to combine with gas impurities.  When the temperature exceeds 600 degrees, titanium is oxidized to form a brittle layer, that is, the so-called "tissue α layer".  Hydrogen brittleness with hydrogen;  With nitrogen at high temperatures to form a hard and brittle TiN.  


  • The plastic deformation of titanium alloy is obviously affected by its small plasticity.  The deformation coefficient of titanium alloy is only 1 or even less than 1, while that of ordinary carbon steel is about 3.  When cutting chip and the front tool surface has a very small contact surface, so that the contact area pressure and local temperature is high, tool wear fast  


  • Severe work hardening occurs in titanium alloy during machining.  

      When C>0.2%, titanium alloy will form hard carbide, so that the tool has abrasive wear, so that the machinability is reduced.