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Process of Titanium Screws
2024-02-04 15:34:15

Main processing of titanium screws : cold heading and CNC machining.

The material used for cnc machined titanium screws and cold heading titanium screws is different. Machining titanium screws often use GR5(TI6AL4V) titanium to produce, because this titanium alloy hardness is relatively high, has good comprehensive mechanical mechanical properties, more suitable for machining; Cold heading is natural forming, so the material can not too hard, it is more suitable for GR2 titanium, it is also called pure titanium. GR2 titanium texture is soft, at 350℃,100h lasting strength above 400MPa, hot processing has good plasticity.


Cold heading titanium screw is cheaper, machined screws have a beautiful appearance and high precision. Cold heading screws are mainly used in chemical industry and other industries, machined titanium alloy screws are mainly used in aerospace, automobile and motorcycle modification. Wisdom Titanium produce all kinds of titanium cold head screw and cnc machined titanium alloy screw, high quality and factory price, welcome send message: sales@wisdomtitanium.com