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How to Choose Suitable Lug Bolts for Your Car?
2024-02-04 15:34:15

Generally speaking, there are three key points to choose suitable lug bolts: 

I.the contact area of lug bolts; 

II.the parameters of lug bolts;

III.The material of lug bolts.

The contact surface of lug bolts is divided into two kinds: ball and conical.

I. The contact surface of the original cars’ lug is mostly ball seat, so the contact surface of the lug bolts supporting original cars is also ball seat. However, we need notice that the contact surface of the modified lug is ball or conical. The Japanese brands (such as RAYS/SSR/ENKEI/WORK) and the European brands (such as Italian Ferrari, Lamborghini) are usually fitted with conical seat, with an angle of 60 degrees.In the United States, the modified lug is generally spherical (R14), so it must be fitted with proper bolts. In the picture, you can see clearly the difference between ball and connical/taper.

taper seatball seat

   If your lug is the conical surface and still insist on original ball seat bolts, then you can imagine what the bolts and lug of the contact area is little. Just like this for a long time, it will damage the contact surface of the lug and extrude the flat into parts of the ball abruptly, so this could be worth tens of thousands of lugs is destroyed. In addition, there are considerable security breaches in high-speed driving. And vice versa, if your lug is ball surface, you can't use conical bolts.

II.The parameters of lug bolts.

  If you notice the parameter in selecting the lug bolts: M12*P1.25.M (metric) means the meter for bolts is English, usually millimeter. The 12 on the back of M is 12mm in diameter; P stands for pitch, and the 1.25 on the back of P is 1.25mm, so we must be understand the parameters of the original car to buy. 

Here are some examples:

  • M12*P1.5 is applicable to: Toyota, Lexus, Honda, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Ford and other brands;

  • M12*P1.25 is applicable to: Nissan, Subaru, Suzuki, etc.

  • M14*P1.5/M14*P1.25 is applicable to: Volkswagen ,Benz ,BMW, Ferrari ,Lamborghini, Porsche, etc.

   What’s more, we also need notice the length of bolts, which is rather obvious. Only 

   look at clearly the length of the mm to match the car and the lug .

III. The material of lug bolt.

  The lug bolts of the original car is usually steel and the weight is relatively heavy. Forging bolts ,because of the use of forging process,like forging wheels, when the metal forging heating melting point (solid) and at high pressure and saturation pressure forming, its material internal air hole is simply doesn’t exist, the group is also due to the high pressure extruding free without porosity metal tight joint order and regularity, so the integrated intensity of the material is very average, relatively light in weight, can use less material, realize the strength of the same or higher. In addition, the material aspect, generally we see forging bolts for 7075 Al alloy with materials, and more high-end Ti6AL4V titanium alloy. Titanium alloy wheel lug bolt intensity is high, and weighs almost half of the steel bolts.

   According to a study by a well-known automobile company, the quality of the spring is reduced by 1 kilogram, which is equivalent to the quality of the spring minus 15 kg. In the refitting world, there is a rumor that the spring is one kilogram, and the spring is ten kilos. Reducing the quality of the spring to accelerate the performance, brake performance and control performance has been significantly improved.

  A set of lightweight, high-strength wheel lugs with a lightweight, high-intensity lug bolt can minimize the quality of the spring, so in the eyes of professional drivers and enthusiasts, the original hub bolt must been cut off from the car just like a pound of flesh.

The following is the weight of some titanium alloy lug bolts, which you can compare with your current bolts: