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How is the strength of titanium alloys?
2024-02-04 15:34:15

Titanium alloy hardness is not high, pure titanium hardness is HV280-300, alloy hardness is HV280-340, the strength and hardness of steel materials have a certain relationship, but titanium alloy hardness has nothing to do with strength.

Strength refers to the ability of the material to resist deformation and fracture, and hardness refers to the ability of the material to resist the entry of other materials.

The hardness of titanium alloy is much lower than that of ordinary hardened steel, and it will be greatly improved after nitriding, but it is still not as hard as silicon carbide, boron carbide and other high hardness materials.


Titanium alloys are characterized by corrosion resistance, high strength and low density.

Titanium alloy in seawater, a year of corrosion is a few microns, than 306L stainless steel more than ten times higher.

The tensile strength of titanium alloy is easily greater than 900MPa, and some aviation titanium alloys, tuning titanium alloy bolts are generally above 1000MPa. Due to the small proportion, so the same structural strength, much lighter weight, aircraft, submarines are very suitable. The surface hardness is still HV280-340.

In order to improve the wear resistance of titanium alloys, there are many research and process applications. The application field of titanium alloy continues to expand, such as PVD Coating etc.