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Fracture analysis of titanium bolts
2024-02-04 15:34:15

Titanium bolts may encounter breakage and sliding problems in the process of use.  There are many reason for this, maybe because the use of the method is not correct, maybe because of the unreasonable bolt design structure, or twisting force is too large, material impurities and so on.  Here is a concrete analysis of the reasons for the breakage of titanium bolts:

1. The using environment should be clean, thread matching surface can not have other impurities except lubricant(anti-fusion agent, screw loosening agent).

2. Bolts and nuts surface must be smooth without burrs or pitting.

3. Custom-made bolts screws must be reasonably designed to eliminate stress concentration and other structural safety risks. Ensure its strength.

4. The tightening force shall not exceed the design torque of the titanium bolt. To apply the tightening process correctly, pretightening and retightening are required.


5. The manufacturer should strictly control every process of production, such as material selection, hot forging and so on. Wisdom Titanium staff do job training regularly, workers have high professional knowledge reserve. And each process is equipped with full-time inspection.

6. Titanium bolts are as strong as steel screws, and lighter in weight.

Above is the main reason for why titanium alloy bolts are prone to fracture. Most of the reason for this phenomenon is improper use , so we should take good care of and maintain it.