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Advantages of Titanium Bicycle Fame---Wisdom Titanium Bicycle Parts
2024-02-04 15:34:15


1. Titanium can make light weight and strong frame


Titanium alloy can make light weight and high strength fame. Titanium is as strong as steel. However, its weight is just a half of the steel.So, same strength titanium alloy frame can be much ligher than steel frame.


The commonly used titanium bicycle frame material is Ti3al2.5v(titanium grade 9). This material added Aluminum and Canadium. It makes material more flexible and conductive to design. At the same time, it is very good at elasticity, which makes titanium frame easy to absrob the vibration of the cycling.


2. No rust

Titanium is barely rusted in general conditions. However, it has another kind of corrosion phenomennon, which is called the corrosion of heterogeneous metals. For example, when different kinds of alloy metals are joined together, they come into electrode state. This PD(potential difference) causes the local electricity, and then result in corrosion condition. To deal with this phenomenon , people usually use grease to prevent conductive( grease mixed with the metal powder, such as, Ti Plepu etc.)


3.good ride felling

Titanium is also used in the spring of the shock absorber. And titanium frame is sutiable for long cycling. Many drivers love titanium frame and think it is great.



Titanium alloy bicycle frame can present various colors. At this stage, gold, black, blue  made by PVD process is very mature. And color is bright and durable.

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