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titanium bleed nipple screw

titanium bleed nipple screw

Titanium Bleed Nipple Screw M6*1.0 Material : titanium Gr5 (Ti-6Al-4V)
Tensile Strength: 900~1050Mpa ( 130,000 – 152,000 psi )
Technical: fully CNC machined with rolled threads
Finish : Polished Finish
Stud/Bolt Pattern/Size :M6*1.0 pitch
Total length:26.5mm
Color avaiable: PVD black, gold, rainbow, blue, gold

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Optimize Brake Systems with Titanium Bleed Nipple Screws – Setting New Standards in Precision and Performance

Introducing the Titanium Bleed Nipple Screw, a cutting-edge solution for precision brake system maintenance and optimization. Crafted from Smart Titanium, this component stands out as a testament to durability, reliability, and enhanced performance.

Basic Product Details: The Titanium Bleed Nipple Screw is a crucial element in brake systems, designed for bleeding air from hydraulic brake lines. This small yet powerful component ensures optimal brake performance by maintaining a consistent and reliable fluid flow.

Product Standards: This bleed nipple screw meets and exceeds the highest industry standards for brake system components. Engineered for precision and durability, it adheres to stringent quality control measures, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Basic Parameters:




Smart Titanium Alloy GR5

Thread Size




Hex Head Size



custom motorcycle

OEM Services


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Product Attributes:

· Smart Titanium Construction: Superior strength with reduced weight.

· Precision Engineering: Ensures optimal brake system performance.

· Corrosion Resistance: Ideal for exposure to brake fluids and environmental conditions.

· Customization Options: Tailored to meet specific brake system requirements.

Product Functions: The Titanium Bleed Nipple Screw serves the critical function of expelling air bubbles from hydraulic brake lines during the bleeding process. This ensures a more responsive and efficient braking system.


· Smart Titanium Alloy: Exceptional strength and durability.

· Customizable Options: Length and hex head size tailored to application needs.

· Corrosion Resistance: Well-suited for exposure to brake fluids.

· Enhanced Precision: Optimizes brake system functionality.

· Compatibility: Suitable for various brake system configurations.

Advantages and Highlights:

· Improved Brake Performance: Ensures a consistent and reliable brake fluid flow.

· Durability: Smart Titanium construction enhances component lifespan.

· Customization: Tailored options for diverse brake system setups.

· Corrosion Resistance: Ideal for harsh brake fluid environments.

· Precision Fit: Engineered for accurate and reliable brake system maintenance.

Application Areas:

· Automotive Brake Systems

· Motorcycle Brake Systems

· Aviation Brake Systems

· Industrial Brake Systems

OEM Services: Wisdom Titanium offers comprehensive OEM services for the Titanium Bleed Nipple Screw. Customization options, including thread size, length, and hex head size, are available to meet the unique requirements of your brake system. Contact us at sales@wisdomtitanium.com for inquiries.



Is the Titanium Bleed Nipple Screw compatible with all brake systems?


· Yes, it is designed to be compatible with various brake system configurations.


Can the thread size, length, and hex head size be customized?


· Absolutely, we offer customization options to meet the specific requirements of your brake system.

Properties and Details of the Material: Crafted from Smart Titanium Alloy, the bleed nipple screw boasts exceptional strength, reduced weight, and resistance to corrosion, ensuring peak performance in brake system maintenance.

Highlighted Detail: Wisdom Titanium Wisdom Titanium is a leading manufacturer and supplier of titanium screws, provide various standard and customized titanium fastener for motorcycle and automobile,. For inquiry, contact us at sales@wisdomtitanium.com.

Elevate your brake system maintenance with the Titanium Bleed Nipple Screw – where durability meets precision in every bleed. Smart Titanium – Redefining Brake System Excellence.


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